Opera Mini Download Apk Latest Version

Opera Mini Download Apk Latest Version

Opera Mini Download Apk Latest Version is about speed and comfort, but it’s more than just a web browser! It’s lightweight and respects your privacy while allowing you to surf the Internet faster, even on slow or congested networks. Our Smart Browsing Selects the maximum data saving mode so you can browse further through your data plan.

Opera Mini Download Apk

It prevents annoying ads and includes a powerful download manager with offline file sharing. This is a one-handed mode of suitable media player so you can listen to music and watch videos easily, while you can be provided with personalized news powered by AI.

Advanced features

Data Save the data

Opera Mini Download Apk Save 90% of your data and browse faster, even on slower networks, without interrupting your browsing experience. Easily check the status of your daily data savings while Smart Browsing for Opera Mini automatically selects the browsing mode for your maximum experience.

Smart downloading

Automatically scan sites for downloadable video and music files and download them in the background. Easily find all your previous downloads and any other files on your device – no need to dig deep into folders. Smart Downloads integrates with Opera Mini’s video player and offline file sharing, so you can easily download and share files with friends!

File Offline File Sharing

Opera Mini Download Apk Securely send and receive files without an internet connection or any data usage. Offline file sharing can transfer images up to 300MB / s or any other file at high speeds, making it an ideal solution for sharing files anywhere! Scan the QR code and share it with other Opera Mini users in seconds.

Block ads

Opera Mini has a local built-in ad blocker so you can surf the web without annoying ads, and give you a complete web browsing experience.

Customize your browser

You are the master of opera money! Customize your browser by selecting your favorite layouts, themes, news categories, and more. Stand your Opera Money!

Personal news

Opera Mini Download Apk Adopt trending news both locally and globally tailored to your interests. Re-running news feeds within the Opera Mini browser are powered by our powerful AI News engine. Follow your favorite channels to see the titles you want.

• Video player

Watch and listen live, or download later. The Mini Video Player has a handy mode for easy tasks on mobile, and it integrates with your download manager.

Opera Mini Download Apk Latest Version

Opera Mini Download Apk Latest Version

Opera Mini Download Apk Latest Version

line Reading offline

Easily save news stories and any web pages on your phone while connected to Wi-Fi and read them later offline without using data. You can choose to automatically refresh the news whenever you’re on Wi-Fi and easily manage saved files. Quickly access them by adding shortcuts to offline readings in your navigation bar.

Private Browse privately

Opera Mini Download Apk Opera Money gives you tremendous privacy protection on the web. Use private tabs to browse privacy without leaving a trace or tracking on your device.

Night mode

When reading in the dark, dim the screen to protect your eyes.

Search Choose your search engine

Change the way you search or assign your favorite search engine by default.

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