Video Editor Apk & Video Maker – InShot

Video Editor Apk & Video Maker - InShot

Video Editor Apk & Video Maker – InShot Inshot – Powerful free HD video editor and video maker with all features, add video / movie, matte background, music, transition effects, text and emoji and filters!

Video Editor Apk

Professional video editing features, record your precious moments of your daily life. Advanced Movie Maker and HD Pro Video Editor with Music, lets you easily create videos, edit videos for YouTube, Instagram, Tick Talk, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.


ull Full Features Video Editor
* Trim and cut video. Pro Video Trimmer and Cutter and Video Crop App. Divide videos into two parts, split multiple split videos into several clips.
* Video integration Merge multiple clips into one. Combine and compress videos without losing quality. There is no crop app for social media.
* Cut the video and export it in HD quality. Easy to use free movie maker and vertical prologue maker for youtube.
* Fit your video and image to any aspect ratio. Easy-to-use Instagram video maker and tick tock editor.
* Rotate / flip video.

, Music, sound effects and recorder
* Video Editor Apk Request to create video with Vlog Music. Add featured music to shots or use your own music.
* Extract music from videos.
* Add your voice to your video like a recorder.
* Adjust music volume and music feed in / out option.

– Video transfer effects
* Merge 2 clips by adding transition transfer effects to make video clip transfers more cinematic. Just click straight, you can become a montage video master with these shots.
* Now, 55+ transitions are available in this shot. Such as feed in / out, error, light, ghost, slice …

ide Video filters and video effects
* Video Editor Apk Add movie style video filters and full effects like glue effect, stop motion, old TV, rgb, ect.
* Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Custom video filters and video effects.

e text and sticker
* Add text to video, many many fonts for text editing.
* Add dynamic stickers and emoji. 1000+ stickers!
* Edit animation effects in text and stickers.
* Add custom memes and photos to videos and photos.

ide video speed control
* Adjust video speed with video filters and video effects. Fast / slow motion full screen movie maker app.
* Accelerate videos or add slow motion. 0.2x to 100x range!
* Freeze special moment.

Con video converter and photo slideshow maker
* Easily convert video to MP4 format. Free Video Cutter App.
Photo Slideshow Maker, integrate photos to create slideshows with music.
* Mix photos with video, add custom photo cover for video.

ati ratio and background
* Fit your video to aspect ratio. 1: 1 for Instagram, 16: 9 for YouTube; 9:16 For Taktuk …
* Add different borders and no crop. Background color and video blur editor.

Video Editor Apk Share Easily share
* Custom Video Export Resolution, HD Pro Video Editor (1080P or 4K), Professional Movie Maker
* Share all social apps on YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, etc. Share your daily life with others on social media!

Video Editor Apk

Professional photo editor and collage
* Very stylish college layout
* Unique filter and color background, matte background.
* Multiple proportions supported. Beautiful frame
* 1000+ stickers, add funny memes to your photos.

Video Editor Apk With these shots, you can easily add music to the video, add text to the video, flip and rotate the video, merge the video. The fast / slow motion feature is extremely fun. InShot is a free HD full screen video editor and video cutter. You can easily trim the video and export it without losing quality, and share your videos on social media with one click, or edit the video with music and create an image for Video Editor Apk Tik Tok.

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